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Kitchen Kronicles

(Did you miss us?)


Summer Heat Reminder:
Staffers here at the Kronicle remind all players to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Take the time to take a break and drink plenty of water at the courts.



Faint or Dizzy

Move person to a cooler place


Excessive sweating: cool, pale, clammy skin

Apply cool cloth to lower temp

Rapid, weak pulse

Drink water if conscious

Nausea or vomiting, muscle crampS

When in doubt – CALL 911
(Information from National Weather Service)


Since our last Kitchen Kronicle much has happened within our club:


Elected a new Board in January2021:
President: Sharon Conrad
Vice-President: Phil Castagna (pc)
Secretary: Lyn Meyers
Treasurer: Chris Castagna
Court Operations Director: Greg Conrad    
Communications Director: Cher Breward
Social Activities Director: Tom Eberhardt


Members, members, members:
We currently have over 360 members and growing. Thanks to our successful beginner clinics, our active social committee and awesome members we have added over 150 new members – just this year alone!!! Wow!!

Events, Events, Events…we have been a busy, busy club:

Charitable events: Collected donations and held Round Robins for:

-Breast cancer awareness
-Midwest Food bank
-U.S. Marines-Toys for Tots, (special visit from Santa)
-All Military Personnel – our club sent over 50 packages to Camp Arifjan (AJ),Kuwait.


Packages included: personal sundries, games, letters from elementary students and 
pickleball equipment: 3 nets, balls, and multiple paddles!!


Events continued:
Just for fun:
-Members Madness Round Robin
-Monthly Friday night socials
-Fall and Spring Ladders for men and women
Opportunities for members:
-Multiple Beginner’s clinics – both in Peachtree City and Fayetteville
-Weekly Skills and Drill sessions from certified coaches
-Scott Moore – One of the top ranked players in the world provided aclinic to
members in May. It was a great opportunity for all who attended. News Flash – he will
be back in September for another clinic. So… keep an eye out for more news on this.

Updates around town:

Braelinn Recreational Facility: Log House Road, Peachtree City
Our board has been working with the city council and the department of recreation 
for several years to bring courts to Peachtree City. All the hard work has finally paid
off!!Peachtree City is building 6 public designated pickleball courts. Keep an eye on 
the website and group me for date of completion. This should be SOON!!!   
Kedron Field House: Peachtree City Board members are currently negotiating with

PTC Recreation Officials to create designated court time to PTC-Fayette Club members (only),

on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 1pm.Until that time, beginning August 2, there will be open
gym Mon-Fri between 9-1 along with Tues and Thurs nights from 6:30-9pm until basketball starts in October. Sunday afternoons are available from 1-3pm. Keep an eye on group me and the website for all updates.
Kiwanis Park, Fayetteville.


Several of our club’s certified coaches recently conducted beginners’ clinics at Kiwanis Park. Because of the success of these clinics, Fayetteville city officials have reached out to our board for recommendations on building designated pickleball courts at the park. These are currently in the works. 

Flat Creek: Peachtree City
New Shade Structure: Our board has been working with the management of Club  
Corp to advocate for a shade structure to help shade members from the extreme 
summer heat. Success is now seen just outside of courts 1 and 6. Two new structures 
are in place. Stay tuned for ground cover to be put in place.

Ambassadors: Club Corp has hired several Pickleball Ambassadors to assist with the
day-to-day operations of the courts at Flat Creek (Peter Domeny, Greg Hayes, Chris 
Pham, Kel-lee Rauch, Kay Sloan and Carl Williams). These individuals sign in members
and guests, as well as help to maintain the courts. They have been well received and 
we appreciate their hard work for Club Corp and for our club.


Club Corp weekly social email is now including pickleball activities at Flat Creek 
Country Club for all their members. Club Corp members can email Christina to receive

“Happy Friday Fitness” emails. (

News from your Board:
Coaches: In addition to our Professional Pickleball Registry(PPR) Certified Coaches: 
Sharon Conrad, Phil Castagna, LynMeyers and Martha Nigro, we now have several 
instructional coaches that we would like to welcome: Greg Conrad, Sue Eberhardt, Jody 
Hoffman, Sue Reed, Jeanne Lee, Carl Williams, Lloyd Smith and Chris Castagna. These
individuals have taken classes and have earned certification as Pickleball Instructors 
from the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP). Well done!!

Professional Learning for all Physical Education Teachers: Fayette County Board of 
Education contacted our certified coaches and requested a class on how to play 
pickleball. Coaches Sharon Conrad, Phil Castagna and Lyn Meyers held multiple sessions 
last March to instruct all Physical Education Teachers!! Eyes were definitely¬¬¬ opened! 


New Pickleball Tutor Machine: Our club has purchased another Pickleball Tutor 
Machine. We are currently training members to be able to operate this machine to 
assist all members. Check group me and website for further updates.


CPR: In an effort to keep everyone safe, your Board of Directors and a few 
instructional coaches completed a course on CPR, basic first aid and use of an AED. 
Hopefully this will never be utilized. But, just in case – they are ready to assist. 


Upcoming Events:
National Pickleball Day: Come celebrate the 1st National Pickleball Day!! This will be held
on Friday August 13 from 6-9pm at Flat Creek Pickleball Courts. There will be two
levels of Play: Courts 1-3: Intermediate/Advanced and Courts 4-6 for 
Beginner/Advanced Beginners. Bring an appetizer to share!


Beginners Class: August 15 from 6:30-8:30. We are already full, but if interested go to 
our website (under Let’s Play tab, then playpen) to sign up and put your name on our 
waiting list. This is free to all interested.


Monthly Friday Socials: Member Bill Averill has spearheaded this fun social event for 
all club members to play on a Friday evening once a month at Flat Creek Courts. 
Members come and play and bring a dish to share. Fun is had by all. Continue to 
watch group me for upcoming dates.

Fall Ladders for both Men and Women: Watch group me and the website for dates.
Charity Classic Pickleschnitzel Tournament: October 16 at Flat Creek courts. This 
tournament will be held to benefit Fayette Factor which provides housing and utility 
assistance to local families and the Employee Partner Care Foundation. Watch group 
me and the website for more information. 


Odds n’ Ends:
Facebook: We now have a member who is working to revamp our Facebook page. Thank 
you Jenn Darcy for taking this on. Jenn with the help of Rebecca Gourlay will now be
our new Facebook administrators. Like us - PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club.
Shirts, shirts, shirts: You may now order and pay for Pickleball Club shirts on our 
website. Thank you, Cheryl Averill who worked with our webmaster and vendor to make 
this happen!


Schedule of Play: As our club grows, we strive to maintain the fun, social atmosphere 
of Pickleball as well as allow all to advance their skills. Our board has instituted a new 
schedule of play at Flat Creek so that all players, beginners through advanced, have 
equal opportunities for court time. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays from 7-
11am are for social play. All levels of skill play together on all courts (courts 1-3 and 6).
Tuesdays and Thursday are for leveled play (courts 1-2 intermediate/advanced, court 
3 advanced, court 6 beginners). This allows all players to feel comfortable with
their own individual level of play. See our website under “Let’s Play” then “places to 
play” and calendar for more details.


PC’s Points to Ponder:
Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible!!


Ask Christine?
Drop serve: Many members have asked about the drop serve. This new way of serving 
was instituted in January 2021. The Drop serve allows the server to hold the ball at 
any height and simply let the ball drop out of their hand. There are no restrictions of 
where your paddle is held or its motion. The only caveat to this serve is the server is 
not allowed to propel the ball downward and the server’s feet must not touch the 
baseline or the court or outside the extensions of play. When dropped, the ball can 
bounce anywhere on or off the court.  Note: this serve is only provisional and is   
currently under review. 


As always, keep an eye on GroupMe, our website:

Like us on Facebook: PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club; have a question – email us at


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