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Pickleball for the ages:

Unlike many sports that people just can’t play before or after a certain age, Pickleball is truly a sport for people of all ages. On a Pickleball court, you can find kids as young as 5 years old, or elders as old as 80 (or even 90) years old. The fact that the game is popular among recreation centers, as well as, in retirement communities is proof of its versatility.

Did you know?

Pickleball is considered a social and low-impact sport, As a result, a large number of schools, as well as colleges in the US are now teaching the game, starting from elementary school all the way to high school. Pickleball is taught and conducted in schools as part of physical education.

Coaches Corner

PPR Certified Coach, Phil Castagna, with the help of fellow board member-Dan Caldwell and Club President Sharon Conrad (PPR Certified Coach), recently pitched the idea of pickleball in the schools to The Fayette County Board of Ed PE Instructors. The event proved successful our coaches have been asked by Oak Grove Elementary School to develop a program for their classes beginning in early January 2021. In addition our coaches have been asked to participate in a county wide teacher instructional learning day, (March 2021) where they will instruct 70-75 county PE teachers on how to play our game.

Beginner Classes/Skills and Drills/Pball Tutor:
Our beginner classes and skills sessions are going strong. All 6 courts at FC are booked solid for successive Wednesday evenings thru the end of October. Sign up for future classes will be available on our website after the holidays.
Thanks to all our PPR Certified Coaches- Lynn Myers, Martha Nigro, Sharon Conrad, Don Comer and Phil Castagna (pc).

Pickleball Points to Ponder:

“The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.”.


Ask Christine?????

Carol asks- I hear a lot about paddle positioning. Does how one holds a paddle really have an effect on their game? Carol, thank you. Inquiring minds want to know.

Always focus on your paddle position. Players that hold the paddle too close to their bodies tend to pull their weight onto their heels and begin to sink or squat. A squat is butt down and weight on your heels. It is tough to react quickly from this position. Frankly, when most people get too low it is pretty hard to get back up. By extending the paddle further away from your body you are better able to engage your hips and core. Both are vital to proper body rotation. You are also able to move your weight toward the ball and your target, ensuring more power and accuracy. By standing taller you are able to react more quickly and insert yourself into the point. Just as importantly, our body (hips, knees, and back) will thank us for not getting too low. Hope that helps.


Our second ladder tournament for both men and women has started with an eight week engagement at FC. Slots for this event were closed within days of its announcement. PICKLE ON-INDEED!!!!!!!!


Interested in becoming a part of our team? The Kronicle is always looking for dedicated, energetic individuals who wish to promote our sport. Consider coaching and/or a possible board position. Upcoming elections for the 2021 slate of officers is quickly approaching. Think about it. We would love to hear from you.

News from the Hopper:

Got anything to share with club members? Birthdays, anniversaries, special announcements, etc. Tell us about your special shout out and then see it in our next Kronicle Edition.

Player Spotlight

Meet Zack Averill:
Zach proclaims pickleball to be “the best sport God put unto this earth”. A senior at McIntosh High School, Zach is one of our newest members. He often plays with his family at Flat Creek, Kedron Fieldhouse, or Glenloch courts. He especially enjoys creating father-son competitions. Zach is the midst of college applications, and will major in biology. His top school choices are Mercer University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Alabama. After completing his undergraduate studies, Zach plans to attend medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon. Zach’s other interests include music and the great outdoors. He lives with his parents (Bill and Cheryl Averill), his sister (Catherine, junior at the University of South Carolina), his pet cat, and dog. Zach is encouraging other high schoolers to play pickleball, and plans to join or start a pickleball club at college. He looks forward to playing a game with you soon.

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