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In the News:

If you’re like us, the past few months have been challenging both personally and professionally. The lives of friends, family members, and co-workers have all been effected by fear and sickness from the unknowns of Covid-19. While we have seen players returning to the Pickleball Courts we remind all to continue their due diligence and practice social distancing on and around the courts. Hand sanitizers have now been placed on several courts at Flat Creek and we encourage their use. Stay smart, stay safe and always - PICKLE ON!

Coaches Korner:

PTC Girl Scout Troop 10325 and their leaders recently took advantage of an opportunity to learn how to play Pickleball. During the month of June several seniors along with a few younger scouts gathered at the FC Courts and learned how to volley, stay out of the kitchen and keep score. Certified coaches from the PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club provided the coaching as well as the equipment for all. The young ladies totally enjoyed their time on the courts and now have one more avenue to be active and social.

Did you know?
In an attempt to build awareness and promote the sport’s development and growth across America; USAPA Pickleball has changed their name to USA Pickleball. See their new website and logo under our Lets Play tab - Pickleball Resources.

Pickleball Points to Ponder:

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, and others simply make it happen”.

Ask Christine?????
Betty asks...
"During play what happens when a ball hits you?"


Hello Betty and thanks for the question.

If a ball in play hits you, (before landing) it is a fault against you. That’s true even if it only grazes your hair. It doesn’t matter where you are on the court. Even if you are standing well out of bounds and the ball hits you before landing, it’s your fault. Do whatever it takes to avoid being hit by the pickleball. Duck, pivot, leap or swivel.


Note 1- you cannot catch the ball before it bounces. Regardless of whether it seems out, a catch is the same as getting hit by the ball.
Note 2- If a serve hits the net and then touches the receiver or their partner it is a point for the serving team.


Men’s Ladder

Our first Men’s Pickleball Ladder event was quite successful. Twenty full time players and ten substitutes were on hand ready to play for three successive weeks. Congrats to our winners- 1st Place - Greg Conrad Most improved - Khaled Massoud – (began Court 6, finished on Court 1)

Women's Ladder:

Our 1st Women’s Pickleball Ladder was also quite successful meeting new friends and having some great games! 20 players and 13 substitutes ready to play for four consecutive weeks.
Congrats to our winners-
1st Place- Ann Matwick
Most improved – Mel Finley (began Court 5, finished on Court 1)

Special Shout Outs

Thanks to Sue and Tom Eberhardt for donating the two American Flag windsocks that don both ends of our Flat Creek Courts. They look awesome! Thanks to Greg Conrad and Phil Castagna who labored over the entrance to court six and installed brick pavers. Well done fellas

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