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Best Kept Secret:

Some players get caught up on the idea of developing powerful, spinning serves with all the bells and whistles attached. Yet more often than not, it’s wiser to just get the ball over the net. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by getting too fancy. It is helpful if you attempt to serve deep—this makes it more difficult for other players to close distance and make accurate returns. But in the end, the main goal is simply to get the ball into play.

The serve is the only shot where you have the time to breathe and fully re-center yourself before hitting the ball. If a match is getting close, you don’t need to take risks when you’re in the highest position of control.

Phil’s Pickleball Points to Ponder:

 You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Ask Christine:

Kelly Asks...


“If a player hits the ball properly over the net to the receiving team’s court with enough backspin or wind to cause it to return back over the net, and the receiving team has not touched the ball - Whose point is it?”


Great question Kelly...

The point goes to the player who initially hit the ball.


(2020 IFP Official Rulebook-11.L.4)

If a player hits the ball over the net into the opponent’s court, and then the ball bounces back over the net without being touched by the opponent, the striking player wins the rally.


Note however- Rule 12.J.3- allows a player to reach over the net to return a ball as long as the player does not touch the net system

Quick Quiz:

A ball can be hit around the net post and still be in play if it lands in the opponent's playing court.True or False

Lil Picks:

Board member at Large- Tom Rosa and his wife,Teri,recently welcomed to this world a baby grandson- John Paul IV. Mom, Courtney and JP are doing well.


Meanwhile Board Treasurer –Phil Castagna and his bride, Christine Marie,not only welcomed granddaughter, Avery Mae, but exactly 8 days later introduced her to first born grandson and cousin, Gabriel James.

A true birthing Doubleheader………


All are doing well and congrats from the Kitchen.

Sizzlers from the Kitchen:

This year- 2020, marks the 55th anniversary of pickleball.

The city of Naples, Florida is arguably, the Pickleball capital of the world Albeit- Biggest Pickleball Party in the world. The city hosts the annual US Open Pickleball Championship, which attracts more than 10,000 spectators.

Pickle Pride:

During this difficult time in our lives where the recent Pandemic has affected every aspect of society, we take a moment to thank all our Club First responders and Medical personnel who put their lives on the front lines to ensure the safety of us all. Our heartfelt prayers and thanks go out to all of you.

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