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Our Sponsors & Fundraising

Thank you to our sponsors.


Mitch Wade / Doctor of Chiropractic


Routine Maintenance


Peachtree City Websites

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Pickleball Rocks


Alana Fulmer Agency, Inc


Janet Fink


Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC

David Morris:
(770) 616-8904
Rachel Morris: (770) 560-3360


Pickleball Central’s Rewards Program

Save 5% and 5% comes back to PTC Fayette Pickleball Club in annual Pickleball Central gift card!  Go to

Interested in saving 5% on pickleball gear, clothing and training aids?  PTC Fayette Pickleball is now enrolled in Pickleball Central’s Club Rewards program.  Here are the details for you and PTC Fayette Pickleball to benefit from:


When purchasing any items from enter CRPTC and you will receive an automatic 5% DISCOUNT and PTC Fayette Pickleball will earn 5% of every purchase that uses the code in an end-of-the-year gift card to purchase anything that PTC Fayette Pickleball needs – balls, extra paddles, nets, whatever we need! (the code is not case sensitive)

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