Membership Rewards

Join PTC-Fayette County Pickleball Club and find a fun, active group of picklers! Memberships are renewed annually, with discounts for couples and families. Your membership in the PTC-Fayette County Pickleball entitles you to the following:

  • A club where you have Board of Directors to assist you with Pickleball questions / concerns / suggestions.

  • Priority registration for organized play, tournaments and social events.

  • Dedicated court time at Kedron Fieldhouse on Tuesdays / Thursdays from 9am until 1pm.

  • Club continues to look at play venues and work with City / County to support our needs to have our own dedicated pickleball courts.

  • Club Rewards at (Amazon donates to our Club as a non-profit (.05 percent of your purchases).

Your membership fee supports the ongoing activities of the PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club, which activities include:

  • Organizing beginner clinics, demonstrations and youth-oriented programs that will expand pickleball in the community.

  • Offer player development skill drills offered by Certified Coaches to enhance a player’s skills.

  • Discounts for professional clinics as they are arranged.

  • Organizing social, ladder, round-robin play for fun and charitable events.

  • Working with other area clubs to help develop programs for inter-community competition.

To become a member or renew your membership, please fill out the on-line form below.  Or please download, print and mail in the “Membership Form” PDF file.

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Read the terms and conditions:
Membership Liability Release Agreement

Thank you! Don't forget to make the payment for your membership below. 

**Annual Membership Fee:  $25 Single/$45 Family
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**Annual Membership Fee:  $25 Single/$45 Family