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Membership Rewards

Join PTC-Fayette County Pickleball Club and find a fun, active group of picklers! Memberships are renewed annually, with discounts for couples and families. Your membership in the PTC-Fayette County Pickleball entitles you to the following:

  • A club where you have Board of Directors to assist you with Pickleball questions / concerns / suggestions.

  • Priority registration for organized play, tournaments and social events.

  • Club continues to look at play venues and work with City / County to support our needs to have more of our own dedicated pickleball courts.

  • GroupMe, messaging app, to receive news directly from your Board of Directors and for members to communicate with one another about daily times and play within our county.

Your membership fee supports the ongoing activities of the PTC-Fayette Pickleball Club, which activities include:

  • Organizing beginner clinics, demonstrations and youth-oriented programs that will expand pickleball in the community.

  • Offer player development skill drills offered by Certified Coaches to enhance a player’s skills.

  • Discounts for professional clinics as they are arranged.

  • Organizing social, ladder, round-robin play for fun and charitable events.

  • Working with other area clubs to help develop programs for inter-community competition.

To become a member or renew your membership, please fill out the on-line form below.  Or please download, print and mail in the “Membership Form” PDF file.

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I would like to sign up for:

Success! Thank you! We have received your submission

**Annual Membership Fee:  $25 Single/$45 Family
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